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Wind Farms in Pennsylvania

For a listing of wind projects currently under development in the commonwealth, visit Action PA's wind page.

Bear Creek
Bear Creek Wind Power Project

Bear Creek Wind Power Project, Bear Creek, PA (Photo: Community Energy)

The Bear Creek Wind Power Project, Pennsylvania's newest wind farm, is a 24 MW wind energy facility located in the Pocono Mountain region of Pennsylvania less than 10 miles southeast of Wilkes-Barre in the town of Bear Creek. Visible while heading south on the Pennsylvania Turnpike's Northeast Extension, the Project is expected to produce over 75 million kilowatt-hours of wind energy annually. Acquired from early stage project developer Global Winds Harvest, leading wind energy marketer and developer Community Energy, Inc. has partnered with Babcock and Brown and Central Hudson Energy Group, Inc. to develop, construct, and operate the Bear Creek Wind Farm. The project was made possible by commitments from PPL Energy Plus to purchase the output of the project and leading wind energy customers such as the University of Pennsylvania and PEPCO Energy Services.

Owner/Operator: Wind Park Bear Creek LLC 
Output: 24 MW
No. of Turbines: 12 (Gamesa 2.0 MW)
Operational Since: February, 2006


Green Mountain Wind Energy Center
Green Mountain Wind Energy Center, Garrett, PA (Photo: DOE/NREL)


Waymart Wind Energy Center is the largest wind generation facility in Pennsylvania, and the second largest east of the Mississippi River. The facility, comprising 43 GE 1.5 megawatt (MW) turbines, is located along the ridge of Moosic Mountain in Wayne County, northeast of Scranton. Waymart generates enough electricity to power 22,000 homes. Owned by FPL Energy, Waymart's energy is purchased by Exelon Generation and is used in Pennsylvania.

Owner/Operator: FPL Energy
Output: 64.5 MW
No. of Turbines: 43 (GE 1.5 MW)
Operational Since: October 2003


The Somerset Wind Energy Center, located among open fields and pasture in Somerset County in Western Pennsylvania, generates enough electricity for 3,000 homes. Its six GE 1.5 MW turbines, operational since November 2001, make an impressive sight that can be seen from the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

Owner/Operator: FPL Energy
Output: 9 MW
No. of Turbines: 6 (GE 1.5 MW)
Operational Since: November 2001

Green Mountain

The Green Mountain Wind Energy Center, also located in Somerset County, is situated on land reclaimed from a coal strip mine. It includes eight 1.3 MW turbines for a total output of 10.4 MW - enough to power 3,300 homes.

Owner/Operator: FPL Energy
Output: 10.4 MW
No. of Turbines: 8 (Nordex 1.3 MW)
Operational Since: May 2000

Waymart Wind Energy Center (Photo: FPL Energy)


The latest major wind project in Somerset County, the Meyersdale Wind Energy Center began commercial operation in December 2003. Meyersdale produces 30 MW of clean energy for use within the region, powering 10,000 homes.

Owner/Operator: FPL Energy
Output: 30 MW
No. of Turbines: 20 (NEG Micon/Vestas 1.5 MW)
Operational Since: December 2003

Mill Run

Located in Fayette County and built in 2001, the Mill Run Wind Energy Center powers 5,000 homes.

Owner/Operator: FPL Energy
Output: 15 MW
No. of Turbines: 10 (GE 1.5 MW)
Operational Since: November 2001