Info for Pennsylvanians
Wind's Benefits to the State
PA Wind Farms
Future Potential
Model Ordinance (PDF)
Consumer Resources
Landowner Resources
Wind Energy Advocates
In The News
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Information for Pennsylvanians

Wind's Benefits to the State: The advantages that clean, renewable wind energy brings to Pennsylvania.

PA Wind Farms: Information on the utility wind projects already in service in the commonwealth.

Future Potential: Pennsylvania's capacity for wind development.

** NEW ** Model Ordinance: Informative for Pennsylvania citizens and wind developers. (PDF Format)

Consumer Resources: Tips and resources for Pennsylvanians interested in purchasing wind power for their homes and businesses.

Landowner Resources: Information for farmers and landowners interesting in developing their land for wind power.

Wind Energy Advocates: The businesses whose pioneering purchases set a trend for wind power consumption in Pennsylvania.

In The News: The PWWG's archive of clippings and press releases about wind energy in the state.