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Wayne Business Association Members Honored for Wind Purchase
Community Energy Press Release, 6 June 2005

Wayne, PA - Members of the Wayne Business Association (WBA) will be recognized by leading Wayne-based wind energy marketer and developer Community Energy, Inc. (CEI) at the Main Line Jazz and Food Festival on Sunday.

The recognition is given to those prominent members of the WBA community who have elected to purchase clean, emission-free PECO WINDsm for a portion of their electricity usage. PECO WINDsm was initially offered by Community Energy, Inc. and PECO Energy in May of 2004, and WBA members can now count themselves as leaders among more than 12,000 other commercial and residential customers supporting clean energy through PECO WINDsm.

"The Wayne Business Association is proud to demonstrate a commitment to an environmentally-responsible energy choice like PECO WINDsm," said Nelson Dayton, president of the WBA and owner of Dayton Lock Company, a leading PECO WINDsm customer. "We know our customers care about clean energy, and as business owners, that matters to us."

Other Wayne-area businesses and institutions supporting wind energy include B & B Consignments, Christopher's Restaurant, Citizens Alliance for Progressive Health Association (CAPHA), Eastern University, The Gryphon Café, Irvin Stern Costumes, Main Line Unitarian Church, Radnor Township, the Strafford Office Buildings, UBead2, Wayne Beverage, and YogaLife Institute.

"Community Energy, Inc. commends WBA members for stepping up in support of clean, locally-generated PECO WIND," said Brent Alderfer, President of Community Energy, Inc. "Their purchase will inspire others on the Main Line to follow their lead."

WBA members will be recognized on the "Wind Honor Roll" at the PECO WIND booth on Sunday, June 12th at the Main Line Jazz and Food Festival.

Community Energy, Inc. (CEI) is a leading marketer and developer of wind-generated electricity. CEI partners with retail electric suppliers like PECO Energy to offer a wind energy choice directly to commercial and residential consumers. CEI cites its partners and customers, which include many of the largest retail purchasers of wind energy in the country, as the reason for its success in bringing wind energy to market in new regions of the country. CEI has wind projects under development in Pennsylvania as well as several states east of the Mississippi River, and nationally has over 2 billion kilowatt hours of wind energy sales.

Contact for more information:

Cheryl Camuso
Community Energy Contact: (610) 254-9783

Nelson Dayton
Wayne Business Association: (610) 688-9188

Cathy Engel
PECO Energy Contact: (215) 841-4492


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