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Factsheets and Statistics

Wind Energy by the Numbers

Wind energy produced worldwide: 65,000,000,000 kWh per year (enough power for 6 million U.S. homes)

Wind energy produced in the U.S.: 16,000,000,000 kWh per year (enough power for 1.6 million homes)

Potential U.S. wind energy production by 2020: enough power for 25 million homes yearly

Installed cost of wind energy: 2-6 cents/kWh

Yearly emissions eliminated by generating energy from a 1 MW wind turbine instead of 1 MW of conventional sources: over 1,500 tons of carbon dioxide, 6.5 tons of sulfur dioxide, 3.2 tons of nitrogen oxides, and 60 pounds of mercury in one year.

Wind power farms generate between 17 and 39 times as much power as they consume, as compared to 16 times for nuclear plants and 11 times for coal plants, according to a study of Midwestern wind farms by the University of Wisconsin.

Source: American Wind Energy Association

Warren Gretz / DOE/NREL

Downloadable Factsheets

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Benefits of Wind (U.S. Department of Energy): A look at the national and local advantages of wind power. Also see our Benefits of Wind and Benefits to PA pages.

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